You are a Raider

St Johns Middle School Athletic Association (SJMSAA), was established to offer youth sports to the middle school grade levels in St. Johns County. As an independent, private non-profit corporation, SJMSAA uses district middle school names and facilities under a license agreement with the district. SJMSAA is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports programs and their individual teams. The SJMSAA website is a good source of information for questions related to middle school sports.


While governed by SJMSAA , our football team represents our namesake - Swiss Point Raiders - on and off the field, and especially in school. We are committed to fostering an exciting football environment, to be enjoyed by players, SPMS students, families and fans alike. We will work closely with the SPMS administration to keep them abreast of season happenings and make sure they have the most up-to-date information. While you will hear news at school and see updates on the school websites, please make sure to direct all Swiss Point Raiders football questions to our Contact Us form or through the messaging tool on our Facebook page. All questions will be funneled to Team Moms and Coaches for quick answers.

Academic and Behavior Expectations

Student grades and student conduct in school is taken very seriously. 


  • As a Raider Football Player you represent yourself, your family, your coaches, your school, your community, all the Raider football players who came before you, and all the Raider football players who will follow you. All Raider Football players are expected to conduct themselves to their highest capabilities towards being a good scholar, good sportsman and good citizen.  


  • All athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA.


  • An in-school or out-of-school suspension will result in decreased playing time. Two suspensions or more could result in getting removed from the team.  To discuss, please speak with Head Coach, Dan Davenport.   


  • Tobacco, Alcohol, & Illegal Drugs of any kind have no place in the life of an athlete and will not be tolerated; students being caught in possession of any illegal substances on or off the field can result in dismissal from the program.