Sponsorships & Fundraisers

Several years ago, the St Johns Middle School Athletic Association (SJMSAA), a non-profit organization, was established to meet a need in the community. Thanks to their commitment, dedication and hard work, today St Johns County middle school students have the opportunity to participate in 7 different athletic programs including football, baseball, tennis, golf, cheerleading, soccer and softball in 13 St Johns County Middle Schools. The programs are 100% financially supported by parents and generous sponsors like you. 


To keep these programs available we rely on the support of local community businesses to help fund the many financial requirements needed to make this football program and other programs available.


In order to make this rewarding experience a reality for our youth, we are reaching out directly to area businesses and friends by offering the opportunity to become a team sponsor!  Any sponsorship level you select will be greatly appreciated.  Please use the contact form or email to spmsraidersfootball@gmail.com for more information.


Thank you in advance for your your willingness to help maintain these vital programs!

Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting our team and the community. You have made a world of difference!

Click each logo to visit a sponsor's website:

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Brian Carroll has been extremely busy the last few years. In fact, Brian is currently considered a ‘triple threat’ as a savvy, tried and true world-class lifter with 20-years of ‘work in the trenches,’ a heavily sought-after lifting coach, and more recently-a well-respected and requested  author/speaker/advisor all over the world.


Brian has been busy putting pen to paper, sharing his knowledge and wisdom has written the wildly popular weight cutting manual: “Cutting Weight” in 2013, the original strength training guide 10/20/Life in 2014, and then followed with the robust and revised 10/20/Life Second edition in 2017. If that wasn’t enough, Brian recently upped the ante by unveiling his latest mega-project- the best-selling, game-changing book “Gift of Injury” co-authored by world-renowned spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill.


Brian was recently recognized as having two of the “top 20 greatest powerlifting performances of All-Time” with 2651lbs total at 242lbs and 2730lbs total at 275lbs, respectively. With 20 years in the sport, Brian is considered one of the best and most consistent lifters of all time with over 50 official squats over 1000lbs in competition, the most by any lifter in powerlifting history, regardless of body weight.


Brian is available for in-person consulting, coaching and training. Brian's facility is located in North Jacksonville, but can also be available for house calls. Brian works with athletes of all ages, goals, and abilities. From Lifting form, to how to recover from injury and in the best case *avoid* injury. 


For more information about Brian, and his work please visit PowerRackStrength.com, or simply search 10/20/Life and Gift of Injury.


Contact Info: Brian@PowerRackStrength.com