• All players should arrive dressed and ready for warm-ups no later than 5 minutes before the start of practice.  Failure to bring all the necessary equipment could result in sitting out that practice.  


  • Practice times generally run 5:30-7:45PM. Please check the TeamSnap account for calendar. 


  • Practices will take place Rain or Shine.  In the event of severe weather, we will notify parents for other arrangements.


  • Players should bring a full water jug to practice that they can refill from the water supply at practice.


  • If your son requires an inhaler or epi-pen, it is his responsibility to bring it to practice every day.  A team mom will be happy to hold on to it while he is on the field.  Unfortunately, we cannot store them in the shed overnight.

Practice Checklist:

  • Cleats (no metal)

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Helmet

  • Chin Strap

  • Mouthpiece w/ helmet strap

  • Practice pants (with pads

  • Practice jersey

  • Undershirt

  • Rib girdle (optional)

Game Day

  • Game Day Attire at School:  On game days, SPMS Football players are expected to represent their team and school in a distinguished and respectable manner. Players are required to wear a button down shirt and tie to school on game days with zippered pants or shorts.

  • General admission to all games is $5 per person. Children under 6 years old are free.  The only exceptions are players, coaches, cheerleaders, and the on-field hydration team. All other parents and volunteers are required to pay.

  • SPMS Raider Football  will provide one-way Bus Transportation to away games that are a longer distance away, unless specifically noted that there is no bus for a particular game.  Buses will depart from school and arrive at the designated field approximately 1 hour before game time. An "AWAY" game is defined as any game not at the 2209 Fields, Plantation Park, Creekside HS or Bartram Trail HS. Parents are responsible for bringing their son home after all games or arranging for transportation.


  • Depending on the game time, SPMS Raider Football will provide meals and/or snack for away games that have bus transportation. 


  • SPMS Raider Football will provide plenty of water and water breaks for all players at every game. 


  • Any time a game is played locally, your son should go home after school and you will be responsible for arranging his transportation or driving him there.  All players should be dressed and ready for warm-ups 1 hour before game time.


  • SJMSAA has contracted with medical professionals to be present at every game.  In the event of a situation requiring medical attention we ask players and parents to allow them time and space to do their job.  No player can return to the field without first being given clearance from one of the onsite professionals.


  • A game may be stopped, postponed or cancelled at anytime due to weather.  The head referee will make the call. If a game is postponed due to weather, and if there is no safe shelter at the field, players should wait it out in your car.

  • Please be courteous of other parents, referees, players and coaches. No yelling at referees, players, coaches or other parents. Let’s all show our “team spirit” and resolve our disagreements after the game. If you would like to speak to coaches about the game, please wait until the game is over. It would be best to set a time to contact the head Coach and talk in private or send him an email.